iVent for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Name: iVent - 1.0  
Description: iVent is the app you've always needed to vent your frustration. Prior to iVent you had to vent your frustration on physical objects, often resulting in damage to the objects or yourself. Well, your wait is OVER. Pick up iVent and blow off some steam against the included target, or better yet, take a picture of something suitable and begin venting.

iVent 1.0 gives you the choice of 4 different vents. You may riddle your target with bullet holes, shoot it full of arrows, launch flaming fireballs, or splat it with multi-colored paintballs (paintballs are our personal favorites).

There is even a melee mode where you can have your device do a massive vent on your target while you sit back and watch. Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of some of the things that you can do with iVent!!

Take a look at the default target

The default target, pretty boring.

Use the button on the left to choose your vent, then tap where you want to vent on your target.

Click on the melee button to have your device vent for you.

Use the camera or photo gallery to really have fun with iVent

Preparing to take a picture.

The picture has been taken.

Vent on your picture.

Here is a melee in progress.

Use the menu to tweak iVent to your satisfaction

The iVent menu.
  • Turn sound on or off
  • Automatically save camera shots to the photo gallery
  • Control which weapons are active during a melee with just the flip of a switch
  • Adjust the scale of the attack with the melee attack slider
  • Tell iVent what picture to use at startup