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Name: Tabata Timer - 2.9  
Description: The Tabata Timer is a device that will help you maintain the proper interval during your Tabata workout. For those unfamiliar with Tabata, it is named after Izumi Tabata, PH.D. and former researcher at Japan's National Institute of Fitness and Sports. A Tabata workout is an interval training cycle that consists of a period of sustained, intense activity followed by a short period of rest. This cycle continues over a number of iterations to form an entire Tabata workout. The unique thing about the Tabata workout is that it is very short, with most intervals measured in seconds rather than minutes or hours. That standard Tabata workout consists of 8 cycles comprised of a 20 second intense workout followed by a 10 seconds rest period. If your workout happened to be running, you would run absolutely as fast as you possibly can in an all out sprint for 20 seconds. When your time is up, you would rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle 8 times. It may sound easy, however you'll be surprised at just how difficult it is. Some studies suggest that a Tabata workout may actually be more beneficial than the standard cardio workout.

The difficulty with a Tabata workout is properly timing the exercise and rest intervals. This is where the Tabata Timer comes in. All of it's timing components are configurable by you to meet your workout requirements. The Tabata Timer gives you visual cues on the screen and sound cues that will overlay any music that you have playing to alert you to the various stages of your workout.

Keep in mind that the Tabata Timer is NOT a general purpose timer. It is specifically designed for and dedicated to Tabata workouts.

Step 1 - Setup your Tabata workout

By default, the timer is set for 8 cycles of training, with 20 seconds of intense activity followed by 10 seconds of rest for each cycle. If you are new to Tabata, we recommend beginning with just 2 cycles and performing a simple exercise such as running in place.

Don't forget to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program, including Tabata! Don't forget to loosen yourself up with some stretching or light exercise activities prior to engaging your Tabata routine.

Initial Workout Setup Screen

Step 2 - Begin your Tabata workout

When you are ready, press Start to begin your Tabata workout.

Preparing to workout

Step 3 - Kick it into gear

When the screen turns GREEN, perform your desired exercise as hard and as fast as your body will allow. Continue this level of intensity until the screen turns RED, then rest up and catch your breath. Each screen change is preceded by audio cues that will overlay any music that you have playing and help you coordinate your training interval even if you can't or don't look at the screen.

Step 4 - Workout completed

When the screen turns BLUE, your workout is OVER. Congratulations, you just finished your Tabata workout!

You can use almost any exercise for Tabata training. Popular exercises include jogging/running, push-ups, sit-ups, kick boxing, speed bag, and jumping rope.

Perform a web search on "Tabata" to learn more.

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